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OpenSCAD Notes

by Dan Peirce B.Sc.

Also see printer3d.html

on they say "OpenSCAD The Programmers Solid 3D CAD Modeller"


The forums linked here point out that units in OpenSCAD are arbitrary; however when the 3D model is put into the slicer program the numbers are interpreted as mm.

Found 3D Model of Raspberry Pi

I found an existing 3D model of the Raspberry Pi.

This looks like the newest version of the board with the two positioning holes.

3D Model of Raspberry Pi B ver2

Some of the details are not present but it would not be hard to add them.

Since I am new to OpenSCAD it is not too surprising that when I look at the model I see things that I have not seen before but it is not hard to figure out what is happening. I see advantages in this method of creating a 3D model.

  1. Since the text is used to create the model I can follow how it was done. In other systems the "how it was done" would be hidden in menu mouse clicks and shortcuts that are not visible when the file gets stored.
  2. ...


Fitting for ASTR1100 Photometer

Fitting for Photmeter

The OpenSCAD file used to generate the 3D opject is linked here support_astr1100_kpu.scad.

OpenSCAD does not contain native text ojects but it allows 2D DXF files to be imported and extruded to make a 2D drawing into a 3D object. I found a project that does this and can be imported to new projects.

This will work on different operating systems but the name should be changed to write.scad to get it working under Linux which is case sensitive on file names.

Bracket to Attach Programming Header To Breadboard

My OpenSCAD file is in a github repository. An explination of the project is also given.

Cubehero Blog

Play list of Short Instructional Videos on OpenSCAD

This playlist seems to give a good introduction to OpenSCAD: