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IPython on the Raspberry Pi

Notes by Dan Peirce B.Sc.  (reformated from my pages at 

I have just started to explore this. In the examples given below IPython is run on a headless Raspberry Pi. TightVNCServer is used to export the Raspberry Pi desktop and a TightVNC Client is run on a Windows XP computer to operate the Raspberry Pi. This gives on access to IPython without having to install it on a PC. Also, any PC on the LAN could access the Raspberry Pi.

IPython can also be used on other platforms. More general info at ipython_notes

Starting IPython within a Qt Console

(Starting IPython from the command line to run in a Qt Console)

Creating a Matplotlib Plot from in IPython

Getting the plots inline rather then in figure window

Invoking IPython Qtconsole and Pylab

The following typed at the bash command line will invoke IPython in Qtconsole with Pylab and all figures will be inline:

ipython qtconsole --pylab=inline

The image shows part of the Raspberry Pi desktop in a ssvnc session on a netbook running Debian Linux.

ipython qtconsole configuration

By default no Gui editor is set for the ipython qtconsole. That means the magic command %edit will not work. To fix this I needed to go to the correct directory in my home folder and create a file called

The Path

cd ~/.config/ipython/profile_default

The file

c.IPythonWidget.editor = 'leafpad'

Info came from except he set it up for emacs. I used leafpad (pre installed on Raspberry Pi).