DC to DC Converter

 by Dan Peirce B.Sc.

I mounted the polou DC to DC converter on a small piece of protoboard which was mounted on a solderless breadboard.

I then tested the board with a sparkfun 5V dc LCD display. For this test there is a 470 ohm load resistor and the LCD display which has the back-light LED turned on (takes another 60ish mA. The two AA batteries are not completely fresh and the total battery voltage at this time was 2.8 volts. As shown in this photo the output of the DC-DC converter is 5.02 v (that was as close to 5 volts as I could adjust the trip pot in a reasonable period of time).

The application this quick test would be good for is stand-alone battery operated PIC projects. This should mantain a stable 5 Volts even as the battery voltage drops.